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24-Hour Railroad Signal
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Providing Railroad Signal Construction Services and FRA Solutions

For more than 40 years, National Signal Corporation (NSC) has provided railroad signal construction, maintenance, and FRA violation solutions to clients nationwide. Railroad crossing safety is as important as ever, and we want to make sure each railroad we service has the appropriate signals and safety measures to ensure proper use and function at all hours. You can count on our highly trained and experienced staff to provide best-in-class service, whether we’re building a new crossing signal or helping you clear up a violation.

Contact us today for railroad signal construction, maintenance, and FRA solutions.

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FRA Violation? We can Help!

NSC specializes in clearing up Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) violations and has bridged the gap between the FRA and many railroads by bringing the railroad crossings and signals back into compliance. If you encounter FRA problems, you can rely on us to help you.

We’ll send a competent and experienced crew to assess your railroad, identify existing problems, and give you a free FRA consultation and estimate. We can also provide full-time maintenance or hands-on training for your personnel.

Work Quality

Our excellence and professionalism come from the highly trained and experienced individuals on our team, as well as from our owner who spent over ten years in management with Conrail.

24-Hour Emergency Services

If there is a storm and you need assistance to get the railroads running again, you can count on us! Our company offers a 24-hour emergency dispatch center to the many railroads that we serve.

Project Costs

By utilizing a railroad contractor with both signaling and consulting disciplines within one company, we can minimize the time in contacts, project scoping and bidding, design, execution, and invoicing.

Construction Process

We can design and implement any railroad crossing project, perform maintenance and emergency repair, and we have production capabilities to install various train control systems.

Mission Statement

We aim to create an environment where both internal and external customers are treated like family and foster a relationship of trust and integrity to help our business partners prosper.