Services and Capabilities

Railroad Construction and Maintenance Services

Make sure your railroad signals provide the safest experience for both the operators and the local community by hiring our team. NSC offers railroad signal construction and maintenance with a 24-hour dispatch center for emergencies. Our facilities can handle several projects simultaneously and deliver the best results. Our company stays up-to-date on the FRA’s latest requirements to ensure your railroad signals maintain active compliance.

Construction Service

Our construction crews consist of four men and one foreman per team and cover the entire U.S. All units are fully equipped with all equipment needed to install your project. NSC does not rely on subcontractors for equipment or labor. Whether it is new construction, emergency work, storm damage, or general rehabilitation, our crews are trained to handle any project!

Download Our Construction Procedures

Maintenance Service

NSC offers a full range of maintenance services, and we can customize a maintenance package to suit your individual railroad needs. We provide the following maintenance services:

  • Dispatcher To Handle Incoming Trouble Calls 24 Hours

  • Full-Time Maintainer Assigned to Your Railroad Only

  • FRA Testing

  • Relay Testing

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

  • FRA Report Filing

  • Monthly Testing Schedule

  • Cable Meggering

  • Engineering / CAD Design

Nationwide Maintenance Service

NSC presently maintains regional and short lines across the U.S. We also have a complete package maintenance plan for our industrial customers. Our company has maintenance personnel throughout the U.S. Each staff is fully qualified and has our supervision, and our severe weather team can be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Download Our Maintenance Procedures

Pre-Wired Houses

NSC offers pre-wired or custom-built bungalos based on your preferences. We can either order your materials or build with the ones you provide. Engineers from our firm can assess your site and create the necessary equipment to meet your signaling requirements. Each house is wired and built utilizing the most up-to-date technologies in our wiring department.

Crafted Deliberately and Delivered Safely

Our wiring staff is supervised by our shop engineer, which coordinates material delivery with shop production. Each house is pre-tested by our engineer for proper operation before delivery. Our quality control personnel are involved each step of the way to ensure your order is delivered without defects.

Project Costing

Quality, cost, and delivery time are of the utmost importance at NSC. All materials for projects are priced out using a vast network of suppliers. Each supplier must meet stringent requirements to be a qualified vendor for our company. Our estimators provide detailed itemized costs, breaking down each material, labor, and equipment category needed to complete the project. Once this is complete, estimates are sent back to the project manager for review and delivery to the client.

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